Bazaar arbitrage – Taaffeite

by Jhet Bhlak on November 19, 2007

I noticed something this weekend that is very much to my advantage and I thought I’d share. Saturday night I was grouped with Crimson Snow guildies and we ran across some tradeskill gems such as Taaffeite and Prestidigitase and we decided to throw them up on one of our traders and split the cash.

I wasn’t the one selling the gems but when I logged onto my trader I checked out what the bazaar and barter prices were for some of the gems. Taaffeite was up for sale anywhere from 25K to 30K+ Cool, it looked like we were going to get some decent cash.

Then I checked barter to see what people were buying it at. The prices range from 300pp to 27k. *singsong voice*Do you see what I see, Do you hear what I hear” If you do, you’ll see that I have an opportunity to make a quick 2K and hear Cha-ching! just like I did.

So this tells me two things. First, the people selling their crap …ahem… merchandise are not checking out what people are really paying for those items. Why? I don’t know. It sure beats sitting in the bazaar all night hoping for a sale. Second, the people in barter are not checking their prices against other barter people and they are also not checking for people selling for lower than they are offering.

Since Saturday I’ve made between 3-4k off of bazaar arbitrage.

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