The free ride is over…

by Jhet Bhlak on December 4, 2007

Well the bazaar arbitrage with taaffeite and presti … something is over….sigh. It looks like the drop rate was increased or maybe the zones they are droped in were increased and that is why the buy prices were much higher than the sell prices originally. The buy prices for taaffeite are now 10k max when they were 27k max. Another arbitrage item used to be dweric powder. I use to buy that for 5 gold and resell it to buyers for 10 plat each. I think the buyers are starting to watch what I’m selling them =/

On another note, I think I’ve found a not so bad way to raise my jewelry making skill from 252 to 300. The uncut alexandrite gems and those like them seem to do the trick nicely. They drop frequent enough that they are not overly expensive in the bazaar and there are only two other components. A jewelers glass and a cut tool.  The cut tool is different for each gem and will start with a specific name such as trilion, marquise, etc. In reality they are all the same tool. To cycle through the tools you put one of them in your jewelers kit by itself and combine it. It’s a bit annoying but it works I suppose.

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