Buyer fun with Alkalai Loam and Nooknook…

by Jhet Bhlak on December 11, 2007

So I decided to do the quest the will allow me to make the Exalted level of cultural augs. I can’t make the Sublime symbols yet because I don’t have the SoF expansion. I wanted to be prepared to make the augs by time I finished the quest so I decided to buy some Alkalai Loam, the rare drop for that recipe, ahead of time.

First I decide to check the bazaar to see if I can pick some of these things up relatively cheap. The prices were at 12-13k each. A full set of augs would be a bit costly for my miserly self. Well, I can always set up a buyer and pick them up for less, I thought. And so the fun begins…

Here is where Nooknook enters the story. Nooknook is a level 9 dark elf shadowknight that is also purchasing Alkalai Loam and is paying somewhere over 1k per. I don’t remember the exact price he was buying at so let’s say it’s 1100p ea. So I’m thinking that isn’t too bad of a price and set my buy line at 1101p ea. I figure that since it is kind of late no one will catch that I’m beating out everyone elses bids. Just to be sure I search for a few things and then recheck the buyers list to see if I’m still paying the most. Whoops! Nookiepoo must be monitoring the buy lines as well because he has upped his bid by small amount.

Since not that many people are so anal as to monitor competing buy lines every 30 seconds (looks in the mirror), I decide to up the bid again by another plat. So I set my price, get distracted by RL events for about twenty seconds and then check the bids to make sure that mine is showing correctly in the buy list…WTH?!? Nookums has upped his bid in the time it took me to move something from one part of my desk to another. Comprehension begins to dawn on me as an evil grin overtakes my face. This could be fun…

Now that I know my little Nookaroo is paying minute attention to the bid prices I proceed to consistently up his bids by 1 plat within seconds of him posting his new prices, while laughing my arse off at him. Our prices quickly start climbing up past 2k when I realize something. Nooknuts is trying to up the price exceptionally high so that he can run over and sell me a bunch of loam for well over what he paid to get it! Clever, but not clever enough.

I quickly run to the bank in between bids and deposit the majority of my cash. I run back to my buyer stall and resume my 1 plat bid war knowing that I won’t be able to purchase more than 1 or 2 of the loam when Nookboy runs over to try and deplete me of my hard earned plat.

Our bidding climbs and climbs until it finally reaches the apex of 5001p per Alkalai Loam. Then little Nookaroo’s buy line goes dead. Here comes the Nookie. Now I have to decide if I’m going to actually buy the single loam that my cash on hand will allow me or if I will have him make his run for nothing. And then I remember the bazaar prices for the loam…12 to 13k per.

Nooknook is browsing your buy lines…

Ohhhh ya!

You have bought 1 Alkalai Loam for 5001 platinum.

Well I know what I’m gonna do with this one.

Nooknook is browsing your buy lines…

Sorry Nookienook, but you can’t sell me anymore! Ha! As the dejected Nooknook heads back to his buyer platform, I decide it is appropriate to rub some salt in the wound with a short but sweet personal tell of, thanks 🙂 Not to be outdone, sir Nookalot sends back the retort of, np 🙂 I have plenty more! I bet you do Nookie, I bet you do!

Now I know you are thinking that this is the end of it but you would be as wrong as Nookers in his misguided attempt to outbid his fellow EQ buyers without checking selling prices first. There’s one more round to go. Nooknook saunters back to his buyer slot with the grim satisfaction of having ‘beat’ me at this buying thing. Or perhaps he crawled back to his buyers cage with despair at the futility of his actions. In either case he promptly re-did his buy line for the Alkalai Loam at a more reasonable price of 1700 plat each…which, I promptly outbid at 1701 plat after a quick run to the bank…

Well I hope none of you take any of this all that seriously. I had a lot of fun messing with Nooknook but there was no real malice in it. I just needed some entertainment and Nookie stepped forward help me out some. Thanks again Nooknook!

Oh yes, and for those of you wondering what happened to the original Alkalai Loam I bought for 5001p…I sold it for close to 10k and used the proceeds to purchase more loam at a reasonable rate. Ahhh buyer arbitrage is fun?:)

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