1.5 Epic – Murkglider Breeder

by Jhet Bhlak on January 14, 2008

Ok so I finished my shadowknight 1.5 prequest without much difficulty. The Plane of Hate part took the longest with Mistress of Malevolence taking the longest to finally show up. I think I camped her for 4 or 5 days off and on. She was very easy to kill. I did it with self buffs only and solo.

The next step was getting the Murkglider Breeder to show up and killing him. I expected this to be a very long camp with all the posts about how people have sat there for weeks trying to get him. He showed for me on the second day (yesterday).

Now that he was up I thought I would go ahead and give him a try 3 boxing my shd, cle, enc combo. If I could have separated him from his Murkglider Spawn‘s and kept the normal repops at bay, I might have been able to beat him down. That didn’t turn out so well though. I probably died half a dozen times in the attempts I made.

I started off trying to pull the Spawn pops through the west tunnel and then up north. I had some success with this and at one time I had 4 Murkglider Spawn mobs parked to the North of me (I was in that west tunnel fighting). When I pulled the Breeder though I got one add right off the bat. Then his 2 Spawns poped. And then the hall started poping. The Enchanters (70) aoe mez seemed to work on the Spawns but not the other repop mobs. Later another enchanter was saying that she was not having success with the aoe mez so it may be hit or miss. Needless to say with 6 mobs pounding on me I took a dirt nap pretty quick. Further attempts by me 3 boxing were even less successful.

So I got my other four guildmates (yes we’re a small guild) and another former guildie to help me out. The group consisted of shd (75), cle (75), dru (73), enc (75), wiz (80) and nec (78+). Our first attempt didn’t work out too well. This is where the enchanter was having trouble with aoe mez. On the second attempt the chanter used single mez and it went better. I was only able to drag one Spawn out of the way so it got a bit hectic. We ended up burning the breeder down pretty quick. I had to loot the egg quickly while the dru evac’d us to the zoneline. It wasn’t pretty but it worked.

Thank you Veit, Narine, Ezraziel, Keignomemight and Dakrayne!!! 🙂

I’ll tell you what though. I gave that A Gelatinous Murkglider Egg to Grand Librarian Maelin in a way he sure didn’t expect and took that stupid book from him while he was still squeeling and squirming on the top floor of the library!

Stupid gnomes…

1.5 – 2.0 Shadowknight Epic Checklist

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