Finding A Gloom Nightmare

by Jhet Bhlak on January 17, 2008

I was a bit confused on where to find A Gloom Nightmare so I thought I’d give some specific instructions.

When you zone into the Plane of Nightmare head East to the river/lake that is on the North edge of the zone. Go under the water and into the cave. Keep heading straight (North) until you reach the first intersection. It is a 4-way intersection so make a right (East) and follow it through. You will run by a bunch of mephits down this tunnel. Towards the end you will come to a drop off that ends up in a big round room. At the back of this room is another tunnel that is the only other exit out of this room. Follow this tunnel until you come out onto what everyone calls the plateau.

You should be at approximately location 1626 x -648. You will have to wander around a bit to find the nightmares but it’s not really all that large of an area so it should be easy. Watch out for Vhaksiz the Shade. He doesn’t hit all that hard but has a ton of HP. It took me a couple of minutes just to get him down to 99%.

Kill a few of these mobs and you’ll have your Gloom Nightmare Hide in no time. I got mine on the second kill.

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