Making Platinum in EQ

by Jhet Bhlak on February 22, 2008

This plat earning strategy has seemed to work well for me on The Nameless server recently. If you have a character that has a high spell research skill level, making spells level 61 to 65 seems to return some decent profit. Generally I will sell spells in that level range for 3k to 5k each spell. Ironically, I have had the least success with the people that specifically ask for certain spells to be made. Often times they buy it from another spell researcher before I have it on my trader or they disapear from eq for a time.

I’ve had the most success making spells for magicians and shamans. Enchanter spells have not sold well for me despite the fact that there are few for sale in the 61 to 65 range. I have had mixed results with hybrid spells. Generally, what I like to do is make sets of spells once I have enough parchments?for a?complete?level. Or I’ll make a specific line of spells all at once. Such as, I’ll make all of magician pet spells for 61 to 65 and put them up for sale.

To get the most return on investment don’t buy the spell parchments from traders. Use /buyer. I really can’t stress that enough. For example, I often see sooty fine runic vellum for sale by people in /trader for around 5k. Now that might sound like a decent deal if you can sell a level 70 spell for 12k but if you consider that I put up a buy line for 100p and have had people sell them to me on a consistent basis, it no longer looks as appealing. It’s really a choice of whether you want to earn about 11.5k or about 6.5k.

Another thing to keep in mind is that inks such as Ink of Pain or thickener such as Conjuring Thickener is all player made. There are no vendor sources for?inks and thickeners. The good news is that you should be able to make all of the inks with components sold?from the two PoK research vendors next to the small bank.

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