Skurza Slickutt and Giggleattabus Igglebix Down

by Jhet Bhlak on February 24, 2008

Skurza was pretty much the same fight as Gubblegrot Smashfist and Silithis Sisnta. I’m not sure if he wanders or stays at 289 x -545. I waited at that location for less than a minute and he poped. so I took him out. Very easy 3box fight. 76 sk, 75 cle and 70 enc again.

Giggleattabus almost isn’t worth mentioning he was that easy. He does wander around so the loc in my 1.5 sk epic mob locations post is an approximate.

Now that that is done I’ve turned in the heads and received my Sheathed Innoruuk’s Voice. Next step is the Paladins in Kithcor.

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