Shadowknight 1.5 Paladin Blood

by Jhet Bhlak on March 2, 2008

I just got finsihed killing the paladins for my sk 1.5 epic. It was easy for me to 3box them after I split them apart. The two frogs, Uglib Gaibido and Xotmidd Ferlop, were both snareable but the others were not. I took long enough that four of the paladins despawned on me but after a few minutes Tarnamil repoped and I re-hailed to have the pali’s pop again. I solo’d the first pali while the cleric and chanter sat there and didn’t go below 80% health. I probably didn’t need those two character but kept them just in case.

Splitting them wasn’t so bad, it just took me a bit of time. The first set of pali’s I snared one of the frogs and dragged the other five after me. When I was a bit away from them I FD’d and waited for the ‘Your enimies have forgotten you’ message. I got up and ran right away and they did not re-agro so I circled back and grabbed the frog that was left behind. All of the paladin’s will stay where you last left them until you go and get them again.

For the non-snareable ones I split them when they were casting. One of them would eventually start to cast as I was running and I’d feign death after he was finished. That would usually leave one broke off from the others.

The drop rate for me was three of four. Next up is the Western Wastes paladin, Sir Elmonious Falmont.

1.5 – 2.0 Shadowknight Epic Checklist

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