Save Platinum Using Buyer Mode

by Jhet Bhlak on March 25, 2008

I’m not sure when the switch came but in my experience it has been much more beneficial to use /buyer over /bazaar when looking for equipment. I really noticed it today with the Bloodmoon Assassin’s Belt that I wanted to upgrade to.

First, I used /bazaar to check out what waist slot item would be an upgrade for my main, a 77 sk. The Bloodmoon Assassin’s Belt looked like a decent upgrade. Then I notice the price that people are selling them for…294,588pp and 294,400pp. Um, no. It’s not worth nearly that much. At least not to me.

So instead of spending a stupid amount of plat on the belt I set up a /buyer line for 20,000pp. Two days later I got my belt. I may have been able to get it a bit cheaper but 20k seemed like a fair price to me.

I’ve been using /buyer to get most of my stuff for a while now but this example just reiterates why I rarely buy using /bazaar anymore.

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