EQ Patcher Hanging Bug (RuleIndex.dat)

by Jhet Bhlak on June 3, 2008

The latest game update seems to have caused some EQ players some update issues. For me the problem came in when the patcher was downloading the Legends of Norrath file RuleIndex.dat. For some reason the patcher would hang and error out and I would never get the play button to show up. It was stuck on updating.

What solved my issue was to download the separate LoN patcher and update the Legends files. Then I had to copy the newly downloaded RuleIndex.dat file from my Program Files\Sony\Legends of Norrath\data\archetypes folder and past it into my Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\LegendsOfNorrath\data\archetypes folder.

If you want to download the file that I used to fix my patcher here it is: RuleIndex.dat

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