EQ Traders Corner

by Jhet Bhlak on September 12, 2008

The owner of EQ Traders Corner made a post on her personal blog around the middle of August that was kind of scary for me. She was considering getting rid of the site because of the cost and time involved in running it. Why is it scary? Well because I don’t know of any other site that details tradeskills so completely and efficiently as EQ Traders. Not to mention they do this all for free.?Whenever I have any questions about tradeskills that is the frist place I head. I can’t imagine the site not being there. Whenever I get a drop that I don’t recognize and it has the tradeskill tag on it, I know I can find out if it is going to be usefull to me just by visiting EQTC.

I really hope that they keep that site going but I know how time consuming it can be to run even a small website. Let alone a site with the amount of information compiled at EQTC.

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