Buying Cheaper in Buyer Mode

by Jhet Bhlak on September 14, 2008

Here is a little trick that I have found works well when in Buyer Mode. When you dont have alot of money to spend but you need an item that has a higher buy price than you can afford, try setting up a buy line for an item that drops off the same mobs that the drop that you want drops from but no one has a buy line up for. You wont be able to buy alot of the drop that you want but you will buy some. This works especially well if you are looking for tradeskill items.

Example: Say that you want to buy Rhenium Ore but the buy prices are currently set at 500p per ore. You can’t afford it. So now you are forced with the choice of either spending countless hours farming or not getting the Rhenium you need for that new set of armor your smith is making. Well guess what. Iridium Ore drops off the same mobs that Rhenium Ore drops from. If you see that no one has a buy line up for Iridium, you just may be able to get some of that Rhenium you need. Set up a buy line for Iridium ore at lets say 1pp per ore. Now set up a buy line for Rhenium ore at a price that you can afford. Let’s say 50p per ore. Keep the Iridium buy line up for as long as you need the Rhenium Ore. To mitigate the cost of the Iridium ore, you can put whatever you buy onto a trader and sell it for what you bought it for.

Why this works: This works because people do not alway check the buying price of every item that drops after a night of xp’ing. They see that a lot of Iridium or dropped so they check who is buying it and run to them and sell the ore. They have 25 Iridium Ore and 1 Rhenium ore in their inventory so they just go ahead and sell that single ore?to you instead of going through the bother of looking up buyers, finding the best price and running over to where ever that buyer is and selling that single item. It also works because people are just in a hurry sometimes. The group they are with wants the split from the night?and to get to bed or whatever it is that they want to do.

Don’t expect to satisfy a tradeskill junkie level of demand for drops through this method of buying. You will be extremely frustrated if you do. But, you can expect to pick up a few items here and there that you need to make that final armor piece or pottery charm.

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