SoF Factions And Quests

by Jhet Bhlak on September 24, 2008

Recently I’ve been in Fortress Mechanotus raising two factions for Type 3 SoF Augs at one time, Brownie Rebels and Ak’Anon Strike Force V.

First, get SEVEN Gearing Up quests at one time from Tabazin?Gearflinger at location 93 x -1475. He is hidden behind the tent with Plink Squichbolt in it to the left after you zone in. As you complete these quests you will raise your Ak’Anon Strike Force V faction and gain experience.

Next, eliminate the steamwork mobs until your eyes bleed. Killing them will raise your Brownie Rebels faction. You should find a bunch of no drop items off the steamwork mobs. The ones you need for the Gearing Up quests that you accepted are as follows:

      Sheet of Steel


      Hex Bolt


      Spool of Fine Wire


      Steel Wire


      Oil Can


      Grease Tin


      Small Coil Spring


      Large hex Bolt




      Steel Beam


    Steamwork Powersouce

Finally, if an item is used in multiple quests turning in one of those items will update all of the quests that use that item. So it is most beneficial to get another quest immediately after finishing one even if you have more items to turn in.

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