Shoemoney On MMORPGs

by Jhet Bhlak on January 2, 2009

Wow, I never would have thought. Shoemoney was addicted to MMORPGs. Not only MMORPGs but…Everquest! Most EQ people probably don’t know who Shoe is ,but online marketers and SEO’s do. Quite honestly this guy inspires me. Seriously. I mean when I read his blog posts and he is talking about different marketing ideas and I see that check from AdWords he posted on his site…Wow! It makes me want to really get out there and follow the leader. He has already motivated me to make some changes and pursue new ideas.

I don’t really know if you will read this (Shoemoney) but I’m glad you kicked the habit! It was definitely an addiction the way you described it. The games were destroying your life and I’m glad you realized it and moved on. Extra props for sharing with everyone on the net and helping people to understand what a real problem addiction of any kind can be.

Thank you Shoemoney!

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