New EQ Elation On Firiona Vie

by Jhet Bhlak on April 10, 2009

I haven’t played much EQ lately but when I have been on I’ve been playing solo  on the Firiona Vie server in an…unusual way.

So let me explain. I’ve been trying to recapture that feeling of when I first started playing EQ. Part of that feeling was the feeling of having accomplished something in game. Even if it was something small like scraping together 400p to buy a set of +6 wisdom rings for my cleric. I still remember the feeling when I managed to get my first Bone Bladed Claymore down in the bowels of Befallen. It was difficult to get. I had to kill the shadowknight and manage all the adds in the area. I spent quite a bit of time killing placeholders and waiting around. And I think that part of that new EQ feeling was that things were harder back in the day. It was a struggle to accomplish things and that made the things you had all that more valuable to you. Things were not impossible…just more difficult. And that is what lead me to Firiona Vie and experimenting with my play styles.

So with the realization that struggle leading to a possitive end result leads to that new EQ elation, I created a set of 3 characters on Firiona Vie and decided to create my own rules on how to play. The rules are designed to make the game more challenging and to induce a sense of value in the items that I aquire.

Here are the Firiona Vie rules that my 3 characters play by:

  1. I will only 3 box. I do not group with any other characters or accept their help.
  2. I only use equipment that:
    1. I make with one of my 3 characters or;
    2. I loot from a mob that I manage to kill in my 3 box group or with one of those characters solo.
  3. I do not use the new potions or potions that I have not made. Since I don’t have a shaman that means no potions.
  4. The only thing I will buy from the bazaar are tradeskill components. I will only buy a component if I have already killed a mob that dropped that component and I have looted it.
  5. The only thing I will buy from vendors are food, spell components such as tiny daggers, store bought tradeskill items such as molds for smithing etc., or dropped tradeskill items that I have already killed a mob that dropped that component and I have looted it.
  6. No rez’s except the ones I can provide myself.
  7. No veteran AA’s.
  8. No buffs that I cannot cast with one of my 3 characters.
  9. Tribute is allowed.
  10. Guild creation and the functions of the guild hall are allowed.

I know, I know. Most people will probably think I’m nuts for playing this way. But I enjoy it. I also still play in a normal fashion on my main server, Innorruk.

Does anyone else do anything crazy like this in EQ?

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