Castle Age Basics

by Jhet Bhlak on March 25, 2010

HydraI started playing a new game a while back on FaceBook called Castle Age. Of course my character name is Jhet. I really like the way they have created the game. It is very easy to get started and it does not have to be very time consuming.

Your main stats are gold, energy, health, stamina, attack, defense, and level/experience. You get gold from purchased land revenue, completing quests, invading/dueling other players and by attacking monsters. So far gold has not been much of an issue for me. It just seems pretty easy to get.

Energy is what you use to complete quests and attack some monsters. One way to increase your maximum energy is to level up. When you level up you receive 5 skill points to put into any of your stats that you wish. Another way to increase energy is to complete quests which will give you 1 skill point to spend in any of your stats. You can also go to the oracle and ask the demi god Ambrosia to give you a blessing. You can do this once per day and it will increase your energy by 1.

Health, can be increased in all the same ways that energy can. It takes 1 skill point to receive an increase in your health maximum. The only difference is that you would receive a blessing from the demi god Aurora. The more health you have the more often you can attack monsters or players before you have to pay to heal yourself.

Stamina is what you use to attack monsters or players with. It takes 2 skill points to raise your maximum stamina by one. You can increase your stamina by 1 every 48 hours by receiving a blessing from the demi god Azeron.

Attack and defense can be raised once per day by receiving a blessing from the demi gods Malekus and Corvintheus respectively. Skill points can also be used at a cost of 1 skill point per increase for each.

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