Elite Guard In Castle Age

by Jhet Bhlak on April 9, 2010

Castle_Age_Elite_Guard1For the longest time I had a horrible time filling my elite guard in castle age. I’d post my elite guard call to arms and I’d be lucky to get three slots filled. And when other people posted theirs, they’d almost always be full. The power players have hundreds of army members so they fill up pretty quick. So what to do?

I figured out what to do. Now nearly every day my guard is full! And it is pretty damn easy to do. All I did was to look for the elite guard calls as they popped up on my FaceBook page. Then I’d copy the ‘Join’ link into a word document with the persons name next to it. Whenever I need members I just run through that word document and click the links and have a full guard in minutes.

To get the link for those players that have stopped playing you can either ask them to post an elite guard call or you can go through their older posts and copy it from there. I currently only have 15 links in my list and still have a full elite guard regularly.


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