Castle Age Faster Leveling

by Jhet Bhlak on May 8, 2010

Castle_Age_Elite_Guard1In my last Castle Age post I talked about how to fill your Elite Guard quickly. This time I thought I’d share how to eek out a bit of extra XP at the end of a level.

A while back I started noticing that I was wasting stamina and energy when I would level. I’d just be too close to the next level to actually use all of my points before they were reset. This usually happened at the beginning of the day because stamina and energy would build up over night.

So what I started doing when I get close to a level is to use my stamina to get me as close to the next level as I could and then take out the largest end quest mob that I could.

Let’s say I have 170,000 xp and at 170,001 I will make the next level. If I have 120 energy left I could do the last Undead Realm quest to get Lotus’ Orb. This would give me 170,140 experience and put me into the next level. I use energy to do this because I can get the largest chunk of xp this way. With the new 20 stamina attacking on certain mobs you could also use that in a pinch.

How to find the best experience for Castle Age Quests?

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