Where Do I Find That CA Alchemy Ingredient?!?

by Jhet Bhlak on May 12, 2010

Ring-of-EmberI found a really good site that details where you can find all those components you are missing for your alchemy items in Castle Age! The site will also tell you what is in the chests that you buy with favor points.

But wait! There’s more! The site also gives all the blacksmith equipment and the levels you can unlock them.

As an example, when I look up an Avenger Amulet I see that I get it when I acquire 900 Azuron demi points. Or it is dropped by Sapphire Sea Serpents (Rare). OR it is dropped by Frost Dragons (Rare).

There is a ton more information on the site but how I found it was through the blacksmith / alchemy ingredients page.

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