The Dog Whisperer

by Jhet Bhlak on May 12, 2010

Google has done it! They have broken the human/animal language barrier! If you go to this video and hover over the “CC” button in the lower right, you will see an option that pops up and says, “transcribe audio”. Click that and then click OK. Be sure to pause the video in the beginning so you can view all of what the dog says! – PS – You’ll have to view it on YouTube to see the CC button.

And in case you can’t get it to work for whatever reason here is what Fiddo has been trying to tell you:

“And what would what would
But with well in the lead with him in a minute
But what happens when let me
I said well then we’re going to live? with
It wouldn’t have mattered ranch.
The ad opens with a dwindling, but go ahead with the referendum.”

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