Find Castle Age Raids!

by Jhet Bhlak on May 18, 2010

For a long time I had a hard time finding monsters to help out with. I’d be full on stamina but wouldn’t have anywhere to use it except invading and dueling (which I got bored with). Then I found the help with monsters forum. You can pretty much find any MoB in there.

The forum is broken down into different threads for each monster. So if you want to find a Cronus raid to get in on you’d go to the last page of that thread.

The same thing goes if you need to find people to help kill one of your monsters. If you are short on people to help, you can post your monster link in the appropriate forum and ask for help. Just remember to return the favors (prtf / rtf) of the people who help you out. They will post what number they were to assist in your kill and also post a link to their monster so you can help build their siege engines.

PS – I’ll always go to my army for mobs first and then if I can’t find the one I am looking for or they are all full of attackers, I’ll go to the forum.

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