Legs In The Kitchen!

by Jhet Bhlak on October 19, 2010

Hubba hubba! Look at this hottie with the long legs all splayed out on my kitchen counter! What? Did you expect something else from me? Tsk!

Well the best I can find this things official name is Pholcus phalangioides. But I’m naming her Legs. It’s obviously female since it’s in the kitchen (feminists unite!) and an appropriate name for something with such long legs is…well, Legs! Duh!

Since I really am not too much of a leg guy, Legs is gonna have to be relocated. Besides, I can’t have her watching me make my lunch every morning. It would just be too distracting. Like a puppy staring at you while you eat, begging for food. Not only that but I might accidentally squish her with my lunch bag.

So while trying to find out the official name of Legs I ran across a spider identification forum. You can submit pictures and the members will tell you what kind of spider you have and if it is venomous or not. The type of web Legs makes is called a Tangle web or a Cob web. Before this I never knew that an actual spider made a cobweb.

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