Pooh Attacks Giraffe, Sadistic Monkey Waves

by Jhet Bhlak on October 27, 2010

This is really bizarre and just in time for Halloween! It’s happened to me before so I knew what it was pretty quickly but it is still really freaky when it happens. I woke up at 2 am this morning to see Winnie the Pooh bunny humping this giraffe candle stick holder like a mad man, while this stuffed monkey Paula gave me was waving at me like a meth addict looking for a fix.

So I woke up and look over to the left to see Pooh face down arse up going to town on the candle stick holder on the shelf by the window. After a few seconds I’m pretty much fully awake and realize I’m hallucinating. I watch Pooh for a while (a minute or two?) because it’s kinda funny even if it is creepy. Then I look over at the stuffed monkey Paula gave me…shudder.

Have you ever seen how the ghosts move on Supernatural? At least I think that is where I seen it. It’s really eerie. They move in sudden, fast, jerky movements. That’s how this thing was waving at me. So I have Pooh screwing a giraffe to my left and this stuffed monkey going all ghost whisperer on me by the door to my right. It was a total WTF moment.

I started blinking my eyes and rubbing them to get these hallucinations to go away. When this happens to me I can get them to disappear pretty quick by doing that. I think it might have something to do with my eyes drying out when I sleep but I’m not sure. I’ve never done any drugs so I know it’s not an LSD flashback 🙂

It’s amazing how real these things look when this happens. The first time it scared the bloody hell out of me. I had a hallucination of this spider running across the ceiling and building a web. He dropped down off the ceiling on a web right over my face and started waving all of it’s legs at me about half a foot above me. He was about the size of a softball.

That woke me right the hell up! I was pushing my head back against the pillow trying to figure out how to move without this beast dropping on my face, my eyes as wide as saucers. Then it went back up the web and started crawling across the ceiling again. But the dimensions weren’t right with how it was moving and I starred to blink and he was fading away to nothing.

Another time I had Woody from Toy Story at the foot of my bed waving at me to follow him. He was about waist high and very animated. It was totally creepy to wake up to that.

What’s interesting is that there is never any sound and it is so absolutely real. I’m just glad I have not hallucinated any damn clowns like the one in IT!

Pooh’s giraffe friend is the picture attached!

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Serianna November 3, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Jhet you so crazy!

That made me /rofl IRL

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