The Twins That Died

by Jhet Bhlak on November 1, 2010

Well I didn’t even get a chance to name these two before they went squish. They had taken up residence on dads front porch and quite frankly Candy would have flipped if she had ever seen them.

These two are the biggest spiders I’ve seen in a long time. The only larger spider that I’ve seen in person were the black and yellow stripped garden spiders that had taken up residence in the field behind the police station in Carpentersville.

Both of the twins were a pale yellow color that blended in pretty well with the ceiling. And they had the thickest webs coming out of them! You can actually see the web trailing behind them in the video and in one of the pictures.

Too bad we spotted these things on the 30th instead of the 1st. They would have made perfect Halloween decorations. One had a huge web by the stairs and the other one had a huge web right by the door. Kids would have been running in terror…sigh.

Oh and watch for dads foots cameo in the video at the end!

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