The US After A Japan-Like Disaster

by Jhet Bhlak on March 16, 2011

So I read this article on Yahoo about people in Japan who are “panic buying” everything out of the stores since the earthquake / tsunami occurred. They are buying up everything edible…except the super hot chips for some reason. And it got me thinking…what about the US?

Our economy is a mess. The government is unable to handle, or just plain won’t handle, our tax money responsibly. The only way we are keeping up with our debt is by printing money. Some places in the United States are no longer using the US dollar as currency. Our state governments are nearly all bankrupt. We are in such a hyper-partisan political environment that no one is willing to sacrifice their bloated egos to support cost saving measures if it is the ‘other‘ side that proposes it. Well what if, like Japan, we woke up and everything has suddenly and drastically changed?

Do people really comprehend that it is completely possible to one day wake up to total chaos here in the US? A natural disaster could happen just like in Japan. A financial disaster could easily happen based on our current economy. A violent civil uprising could happen based on our current political environment. The government could print the dollar into worthlessness overnight making nearly the entire population paupers with one fell swoop.These are just some of the scenarios that could happen.

So once some disaster strikes then what? Just look at the way people act towards each other now when there isn’t a dire situation going on like in Japan. We are rude, spiteful, hateful little bastards to each other. Don’t believe me? Take a drive during rush hour and pay attention to everyone else on the road. We are narcissistic A-Holes. How many times do you see people cut each other off, tailgate, blow stop signs and red lights. And that is tame compared to how people treat each other online where they don’t have to show their faces. Go to Yahoo and read the comments people make about each other or about the people in the news story. Someone dies when they get tazed by the cops because they are covered in gasoline and people are talking about breaking out the marshmallows. A complete and total disregard for anyone but themselves.

So when disaster does strike where do you sit? What kind of people are you surrounded by? Are they the same narcissistic bastards that cut you off in the morning just so they can be two feet closer to the stoplight ahead? Would they help you in a crisis? Or would they be looting your house? Are you at all ready for a disaster? Do you have food, medical supplies and water set aside in case of an emergency? What about batteries and fuel? Have you even thought about it? Or is it just not possible that it could happen to you?

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