Murder Of A Beloved Pet

by Jhet Bhlak on May 18, 2011

Bad news. Shower Spider has been murdered.

Given the current economic conditions, Shower Spider had to move from his upscale penthouse suite near the shower head to a low income neighborhood next to the dandruff shampoo. While his death is still under investigation, it is believed that he fell in with a bad crack dealing crowd. The fact that he was covered in toilet paper at the crime scene supports our theory.

In accordance with Shower Spider?s wishes, he was given a brief ceremony with only his closest friends and family in attendance. He was then promptly buried at sea and flushed. ?No services followed.

Shower Spiders final will and testament asked that no donations or flowers be sent. Shower Spider simply wished that those who knew him enjoy life the way he enjoyed life.

And now a brief moment of silence and this video commemorating Spider Shower?s life among us?

P.S. – Remember children…crack kills…

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