Faster Leveling: Castle Age Quests

by Jhet Bhlak on May 31, 2011

Ever wonder which Castle Age quest provides the most experience per point of energy used? I do. Every time I push for levels I wonder if I’m choosing the best quest for the energy I spend. I created this form as a solution to that problem:

” . bestQuest($_POST[“En1”], $_POST[“Ex1”],$_POST[“En2”],$_POST[“Ex2”]) . “


Quest 1

Energy:” />

Experience:” />

Quest 2:

Energy:” />

Experience:” />

Simply enter the energy used and experience gained above for the two quests you would like to compare and it will tell you which one gives you the most experience for the energy you use.

As I write this, “Fight Ice Beast” in the Land of Mist is the most efficient quest available to me (9 energy for 15 experience).

*Update: As Billy mentions below, the 20/35 quest in the land of water called, ‘Duel Cefka’s Knight Champion’ is better.* Since Castle Age is adding new quests all the time, this will allow you to determine what quests give you the most experience.

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Billy June 2, 2011 at 8:30 am

The quest Duel Cefka’s Knight Champion in the land of water 20/35 is better than the 9/15 quest.

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