Floater at the Pool

by Jhet Bhlak on April 30, 2012

I saw something today that really ticked me off and I should have said something about it at the time but I hesitated and didn’t.

I was at the local Round Lake Beach grocery store that rhymes with pool and I was waiting in line behind an older lady. She was probably in her 60’s I would guess and of course had a ton of coupons. No big deal, I have a day off and I wasn’t in a hurry or anything. It gave me the opportunity to window shop the cleavage on the celebrity smut magazines loosely disguised as celebrity ‘news’ magazines.

So the cashier, a guy in his mid-to-late 30’s, maybe early 40’s, gets snotty with the older lady as she is handing him exact change for her groceries. He says to her in an irritated snotty voice, “I don’t know why you’re handing me this much change, you owe $1.31.” He then puts down the $0.53 she had given him along with cash and gives her a look like she is some inbred, mentally challenged, mongoloid and waits for the woman to figure out what she did wrong.

So I look up at the big display on the register and see her total is $31.31 and in a big blue bar below that it says she saved $40.53.

Now in all of about 2 seconds I realized that the woman most likely didn’t hear what the exact total was, gave the man $30, looked up and seen the last digits the 40.53 savings, mistook that for her total and started counting out $0.53 change for him.

So tell me Mr. douche bag, halfwit cashier…was that so hard to F’ing figure out?!? Was it really beyond your mental capacity to put two and two together and realize what the woman had done?!?

Seriously, are you that F’ing stupid? And even if you are that stupid, which I am beginning to realize that you really are, how about a little common courtesy? The woman is in her 60’s! She is going to be a little slower. That doesn’t mean she is an idiot and it doesn’t give you the right to be so damn disrespectful to her.

So this is what I should have said to you Mr. Cashier. You’re a jackass. A halfwit who’s entire 30-something life has culminated to the prestigious position of checkout cashier at…Pool. With your ignorance and attitude this is likely to be your finest shining hour so revel in your exalted position while you can. For in a few short years you too will be older. And judging by your poor attitude and unhealthy appearance, you’re going to end up alone in some publicly funded nursing home, having to have your ass wiped by some minimum wage employee who gives just as little a shit about you as you gave about that older woman in the checkout line.

And that’s what I should have said.

PS – And to the guy in the white SUV who tried to run over the birds in the road…I hope the next time you swerve to hit them you run into a light pole, flip your car, it bursts into flame and you are burned alive screaming. Karma is a bitch, just be glad I’m not in charge of dealing it out. 😉

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