Sharebar Not Updating Buttons – Fix

by Jhet Bhlak on May 2, 2012

Sharebar Plugin Problem

The Problem

I ran into a problem with the Sharebar plugin today that was really annoying. Every time I tried to enter the Big Button code or Small Button code for the Facebook icon, it would remove all the text when I clicked the update button.

After trying several different sets of code and hitting the Update Button, everything was still gone from both boxes. So I decided to skip the Facebook button for now and move on to adding a Google+ button to the site instead.

Guess what? I had the same #@%^ issue!

So this meant that the issue was not with the Facebook button on Sharebar. ALL the buttons had the disappearing code issue.

The Fix

Fortunately, the fix was not too difficult if you know how to navigate your WordPress database. Assuming you are using the phpMyAdmin Control Panel, follow the steps below to add your Facebook or Google+ code to the Sharebar plugin:

  1. First, log into your WordPress database.
  2. Then find the wp_sharebar table and open that. See Pic 2
  3. Next, click the SQL tab and then click Go to do an SQL Querry that selects and displays all the records of the wp_sharebar table. See Pic 3
  4. You should now see a list of all the records for the wp_sharebar. See Pic 4
  5. Find the record that has ‘facebook’ in the name field and click the pencil icon to the left. See Pic 4
  6. You should now have the record for Facebook open for editing. See Pic 5
  7. In the big field, enter the code to display a large Facebook Like Button. See Pic 5
  8. In the small field, enter the code to display a small Facebook Like Button. See Pic 5
  9. Click the Go button to update the field. See Pic 5

To add the Google+ button code manually follow the same steps with the Google+ record in the wp_sharebar table.

Pic 2 – WordPress Table List


Pic 3 – SQL Query Screen


Pic 4 – wp_sharebar Record List


Pic 5 – Edit Sharebar Facebook Record

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