Dueling Sharebar and Commentluv Plugins

by Jhet Bhlak on October 30, 2012

Sharebar vs Commentluv – Round 1!

So. Installing and activating two plugins should be pretty quick and easy. Download, activate, adjust settings and done! Well not in Jhet Bhlak’s world. (please excuse the forthcoming Mortal Combat references)

I download and activate the Sharebar plugin and set up the individual share buttons. Looks great! So next I download and activate Commentluv and set up the preferences. Commentluv works great! But wait…

Hack Slash Burn!Commentluv Wins! Fatality!

Commentluv killed Sharebar and it no longer appears on the site.


Sharebar vs Commentluv – Round 2!

Well now I know they aren’t going to play nice at least. Time to check a few things:

Is the Sharebar code being rendered to the browser? Yes.
Disable the Sharebar buttons one at a time. Is there still an issue regardless of the buttons enabled? Yes.
Are there any conflicting styles causing the Sharebar to be invisible? No.

I guess this can mean only one thing…

Hack Slash Burn!Commentluv Wins! Flawless Victory! Fatality!


Sharebar vs Commentluv – Final Round!

After spending too many hours trying to figure this out, it’s time to break out the big guns! Aka – Contact Commentluv support and beg for help. 🙂

Lucky for me Commentluv support was both awesome, quick and they knew what the problem was right away! Within an hour I had a response pointing me in the right direction.

Apparently, I was loading a very old version of jquery in the header.php file. I had long since stopped using it but never removed the code to load it for each page.

Hack Slash Burn!Commentluv SUPPORT Wins!


Simple solution: Remove the code loading the old jquery file and now Sharebar and Commentluv are prancing through cyberspace hand in hand!

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Shruti September 18, 2013 at 3:57 am

It is actually quite funny as you mention disqus and livefyre, both of which I installed and used on my site, only to have my readership drop and complain about not getting links and also being taken off site.

So, I upgraded to Commentluv Premium and have not once looked back. It is a great plugin and actually very easy to use.

Thank you for the additonal site resources, they are most welcome.

All the best

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