Delete ‘Other’ Files on Your iPad

by Jhet Bhlak on January 3, 2013

Recently, I was running into an issue with my iPad where a lot of space was being taken up by files categorized as ‘Other’ in iTunes. On a 16GB iPad I would often find that up to 8GB of space was used up in this ‘Other’ category. Which was ridiculous.

I ran across several possible solutions while researching how to solve this issue. Many people suggested resetting the iPad and wiping everything off of it. This would work but it is a bit impractical  if you ask me. I also ran across a program called iExplorer that you install on your PC so that you can manually delete the files. While this too would work, I couldn’t get the program to run on my PC.

The solution that worked for me and was the easiest to do:  Turn your iPad off and turn it back on.

That’s about as basic as you can get. And it works. Just make sure that you do a full shut down. Initially I was tapping the power button and locking the screen. That doesn’t work. Hold the power button down until the swipe bar comes up and then swipe it to shut your iPad down. Then hold down the power button to start the iPad up again. You should see an apple come up when it is booting up.


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