Dwerium Trio Jewelry Calculator

January 27, 2008

Thank you to Benjimann for pointing me to the EQ Jewelry Calculator. It lets you calculate what gems give you what stats with any metal type. For instance you could choose to make a Dwerium Trio Ring with a Marquise Cut Amber Nihilite in the type 11 slot, a Round Cut Onyx in the first […]

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Enchant Dwerium Mass Enchant Dwerium

December 17, 2007

Good news! The enchant dwerium recipe is now fixed! Bad news! The patch that will make the recipe fix live will not go in until 2008. That means if you don’t have SoF you won’t be able to enchant the metal until next year or until you get SoF. Unless of course the enchant dwerium […]

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