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Warranty Page Started

June 16, 2008

My long awaited warranty story from RL has been started. I’ll continue the story again soon 🙂

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May Madness Takes It’s Toll

June 5, 2008

For those of you wondering why there were no posts in May, I have placed my real life stories that have prevented me from posting on the blog. The first story revisits my incredibly unlucky brush with physical misfortune. Yes, I somehow managed to open a full six pack of whoopa$$ on myself and you […]

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Apparently Jhet Is Easy

April 30, 2008

This was pretty comical. I was looking through some blog stats and I found out that Google thinks Jhet is easy! As a matter of fact I’m the fourth easiest Jhet around 🙂

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Brells Magic Keg is For Ale

March 16, 2008

Now this is kinda clever. Someone coreographed a video with EQ 2 characters and parodied it after the ‘Internet is for porn’ song. This one is called ‘Brells Magic Keg is For Ale‘. Thanks to Narine for passing it along 🙂

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Erik Sofge Preaches Morality By Attacking Dead Man’s Character

March 12, 2008

I don’t know why stupidity like this still surprises me but it does. Erik Sofge wrote an article about the recently deceased Gary Gygax and his game, Dungeons & Dragons. Erik describes the game as, “one of the worst on the market.” Now Erik has a right to his opinion but to describe one of […]

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Jhet, Ompha and Xyzth!

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