Spell Research

Spell Research Tutorial

May 19, 2009

PS3 Errors Or Problems? Yellow Light Of Death, Red Light Of Death, The Red Screen, Other Problems? Find Out The Fixes Here! I just had a question about a spell research tutorial so I thought I’d share what I do when I want to level up a new toons research skill. 0 to 20 – […]

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Spell Parchment Conversion Chart Update

August 26, 2008

I’ve updated the spell parchment conversion chart to include spell parchments level 29 through 59. Some of the lower spells get a little funky since they can be used in multiple levels based on class. If there is a number and class in parenthesis it means that there is at least 1 spell made from […]

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65 – 66 Shaman Spells For Kenworth’s Alt

August 18, 2008

So. Kenworth mentioned last night that he still needed his 65 and 66 spells for his shaman. Being the good guildie that I am I tolk him that I’d go ahead and make them for him when I headed up to PoK with my enchanter. I figured that since my research skill was at 293 […]

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Making Platinum in EQ

February 22, 2008

This plat earning strategy has seemed to work well for me on The Nameless server recently. If you have a character that has a high spell research skill level, making spells level 61 to 65 seems to return some decent profit. Generally I will sell spells in that level range for 3k to 5k each […]

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Enchant Dwerium Mass Enchant Dwerium

December 17, 2007

Good news! The enchant dwerium recipe is now fixed! Bad news! The patch that will make the recipe fix live will not go in until 2008. That means if you don’t have SoF you won’t be able to enchant the metal until next year or until you get SoF. Unless of course the enchant dwerium […]

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Spell research for greater mass enchant including dwerium

December 5, 2007

This is straight from the EQTraders message board (currently enchant dwerium is broke. use mass enchant dwerium): Greater Mass Enchant Electrum Pristine Hide Quill of the Coercer Ink Additive of the Nameless Conjuring Thickener Ink of Druzzil Ro Ink of Prexus Ink of Prexus Greater Mass Enchant Gold Smooth Supple Hide Quill of the Coercer […]

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