Sally The Thug

August 4, 2011

Sally grew up at the crossroads of Garage Door and Front Door. It was a rough neighborhood but it was all she knew. The daily comings and goings of the locals was a constant disruption to her home. It was common for Sally to have to spend hours rebuilding after the daily abuse her webs […]

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Murder Of A Beloved Pet

May 18, 2011

Bad news. Shower Spider has been murdered. Given the current economic conditions, Shower Spider had to move from his upscale penthouse suite near the shower head to a low income neighborhood next to the dandruff shampoo. While his death is still under investigation, it is believed that he fell in with a bad crack dealing […]

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The Twins That Died

November 1, 2010

They are gone but not forgotten. Their brief time in our lives will stay with us always and their memory shall not fade with the passing of time…

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