Buyer fun with Alkalai Loam and Nooknook…

December 11, 2007

So I decided to do the quest the will allow me to make the Exalted level of cultural augs. I can’t make the Sublime symbols yet because I don’t have the SoF expansion. I wanted to be prepared to make the augs by time I finished the quest so I decided to buy some Alkalai […]

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Spell research for greater mass enchant including dwerium

December 5, 2007

This is straight from the EQTraders message board (currently enchant dwerium is broke. use mass enchant dwerium): Greater Mass Enchant Electrum Pristine Hide Quill of the Coercer Ink Additive of the Nameless Conjuring Thickener Ink of Druzzil Ro Ink of Prexus Ink of Prexus Greater Mass Enchant Gold Smooth Supple Hide Quill of the Coercer […]

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The free ride is over…

December 4, 2007

Well the bazaar arbitrage with taaffeite and presti … something is over….sigh. It looks like the drop rate was increased or maybe the zones they are droped in were increased and that is why the buy prices were much higher than the sell prices originally. The buy prices for taaffeite are now 10k max when […]

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Jewelry making 200 to 250

November 25, 2007

I just spent the last few hours going from 200 to 250 in Jewelry making. I did about 1000 combines of Jaded Platinum Rings and spent 20,000 plat. It was long, boring and nearly put me to sleep but it got the job done…

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Bazaar arbitrage – Taaffeite

November 19, 2007

I noticed something this weekend that is very much to my advantage and I thought I’d share. Saturday night I was grouped with Crimson Snow guildies and we ran across some tradeskill gems such as Taaffeite and Prestidigitase and we decided to throw them up on one of our traders and split the cash. I […]

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Rough Animal Pelt, Crude Silk Farming

November 12, 2007

I found a good place to farm the lower level new tradeskill items. The Dragorn Peon’s and Commoners in Dranik’s Scar and The Bloodfields seem to drop these tradeskill items often enough to farm. So far I have gotten: Rough Animal Pelt Crude Animal Pelt Crude Silk Natural Silk Thick Silk

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