DoDH Mission Checklist

Spell and Tome Missions

68 Missions: Kelliad: Undershore

68.1 A Rogue’s Trust
68.2 Scouting the City
68.3 Building the Disguise
68.4 The Search For Illsuras
68.5 The Rage of Kelliad

69 Missions: Brovil Palivineg: Corathus Creep

69.1 The Lost Notebook
69.2 A Cavern Botany
69.3 The Search for Clues
69.4 Rescue Cicero!

70 Missions: Jarzarrad the Prophet: Undershore

70.1 Preemptive Strike
70.2 Praetorian Guard
70.3 The Fall of Illsalin
70.4 Flight of the Seeker
70.5 Into the Shadows

Group Missions

Coldwind Blackfoot: Nektulos Forest

CB.1 Misty for You: Lens of Eye-Glass
CB.2 Eye Bound: Lens of Bound Eyes

Mazil Hibbinap: Corathus Creep

MH.1 Lost Gnomes

Zahn: Undershore

ZN.1 Deserting the Ranks

Freemind Cipher: Undershore

FC.1 The Last Migration
FC.2 Way of the Freemind
FC.3 Remembrance
FC.4 Defending the Grove
FC.5 Progenitor

Caslir: Stoneroot Falls

CL.1 Sabotage!

Slavetrader Bologore: Undershore

SB.1 Harvest the Deep
SB.2 Shiliskin Subterfuge

Tisthal Gimblecranz: Corathus Creep

TG.1 Spies Like Them
TG.2 Hides You Seek

Vorgannoth: Ruins of Illsalin

VN.1 Last of the Legion

Vorgin: Undershore

VG.1 Into the Leviathans Lair: Cobalt Weed Belt

Solo Missions

Slavetrader Arag: Undershore

SA.1 A Traitor’s Fate
SA.2 The Coral Bogs

Raid Missions

Boss Harrowan: Stoneroot Falls

BH.1 Antraygus, The Sporali King (36 max)
BH.2 Sendaii, The Hive Queen (54 max)

Brother Dark Water: Stoneroot Falls

DW.1 The Council of the Nine (36 max)
DW.2 Emperor Draygun (54 max)

Cutfang: Undershore

CF.1 Bloodeye (54 raid)

Nightmoon: Undershore

NM.1 Matriarch Shyra (54 raid)

Key and Progression Missions

The Skull of Den Lord Rakban (+50 saves): an Old Shilskin Fortune Teller: Undershore

Bellfast: Corathus Creep – Arc Reward: Fractured Werewolf Jawbone
BF.1 Rescue Fibblebrap (Corathus)
BF.2 Rescue Fibblebrap (Stoneroot)
BF.3 Rescue Fibblebrap (Hive)
BF.4 Rescue Fibblebrap (Korlach)
BF.5 Rescue Fibblebrap (Corathus)

Shadowwalker Dustspirit: Stoneroot Falls – Arc Reward: Fractured Temporal Plate
SD.1 Freeing an Elder
SD.2 Orb of Subversion
SD.3 A Plea for Help
SD.4 Trailing Longshadow
SD.5 Confronting a Traitor

Widdlethorp Gemfinder: Stoneroot Falls
WG.1 Search for Coral
WG.2 Learning the Power
WG.3 Discover the Secret
WG.4 Taking Control
WG.5 Korlach the Deep Leviathan (Raid)

Fractured Frontal Plate (level 70 spell mission drop)
Fractured Bone Ridges (level 69 spell mission drop)
Fractured Werewolf Incisors (Final Combine)

Dreadspire Keep Access: Treddlehoop – Corathus Creep

TH.1 Scavenger Hunting
69.1 The Lost Notebook (DUPLICATE)
MH.1 Lost Gnomes (DUPLICATE)
ZN.1 Deserting the Ranks (DUPLICATE)

Treddlehoop Turn in

DoB Access Part 1:

ALT ACCESS: Loot Drop of Accursed Blood
NM.1 Matriarch Shyra (DUPLICATE)
CF.1 Bloodeye (DUPLICATE)
DW.1 The Council of the Nine (DUPLICATE)
DW.2 Emperor Draygun (DUPLICATE)
BH.2 Sendaii, The Hive Queen (DUPLICATE)

DoB Access Part 2:

DM.1 Memories Lost

Kill Vule, Assemble Monocle of Blood
CB.1 Misty for You (DUPLICATE)