Butch Ladybug From Hades!

July 28, 2011

This has got to be the most enormous lady bug that ever existed! I’m betting it was the subject of some government experiment gone horribly wrong. When I left for work this morning I noticed this thing hanging above my front door. I was about 15 feet away and it looked like a leaf or […]

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Rooting Your Nook

July 25, 2011

How would you like to turn your nook into a tablet for under$10? It is called rooting a nook.

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Storm Of The Century!

July 21, 2011

A couple of weeks ago a nasty storm rolled through the Chicago area and did a lot of damage. The storm only lasted about 45 minutes but it really disrupted everyone’s lives. To give you an idea of the trouble the storm caused, the traffic light on the corner of Rollins and Cedar Lake Rd […]

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Faster Leveling: Castle Age Monsters

June 3, 2011

The new attack buttons on Cronus should help give you a boost into the next level if used right. I wrote something similar to this about using quests at the end of a level to gain an experience boost. With the addition of the 200 stamina attack button, you can similarly take a chunk out […]

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Faster Leveling: Castle Age Quests

May 31, 2011

Ever wonder which Castle Age quest provides the most experience per point of energy used? I do. Every time I push for levels I wonder if I’m choosing the best quest for the energy I spend. I created this form as a solution to that problem:

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Ding! Jhet Becomes Level 2 Gardener!

May 29, 2011

So the storms we had last Wednesday knocked over this thorny, tree-bush, weed thing from hell that happened to be right up against the side of my house. I’ve been wanting to get rid of it for a year or so now. All it’s been doing is attaching itself to my gutter and causing issues. […]

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Broken PS3 Fixes?

May 23, 2011

I don’t own a PS3 but I remember the old days when Nintendo games would go all screwy and display a bunch of blocks of colors on the screen instead of starting the game. It was extremely aggravating! Until I found the fix and it was as simple as blowing across the connection opening of […]

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Murder Of A Beloved Pet

May 18, 2011

Bad news. Shower Spider has been murdered. Given the current economic conditions, Shower Spider had to move from his upscale penthouse suite near the shower head to a low income neighborhood next to the dandruff shampoo. While his death is still under investigation, it is believed that he fell in with a bad crack dealing […]

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How To Record Facebook Games

March 18, 2011

Ever wonder how to record games on Facebook? When I got my 2.4 million score on Zuma Blitz, I wondered. And I know two little kids, Travis and Tyler, who would of liked to see that game so they could improve how they play. (They are plotting my overthrow on the leader boards.) But Zuma […]

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The US After A Japan-Like Disaster

March 16, 2011

So I read this article on Yahoo about people in Japan who are “panic buying” everything out of the stores since the earthquake / tsunami occurred. They are buying up everything edible…except the super hot chips for some reason. And it got me thinking…what about the US? Our economy is a mess. The government is […]

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Amazon Drops IL Affiliates – Quinn Nexus Tax

March 11, 2011

Illinois has been working hard to drive businesses out of the state and increase the tax burden on the middle class. And in the latest stage of this war, yesterday, Governor Quinn signed into effect bill HB3659. Thereby, making it to the top of my “What A Jackass” list. For those of you that don’t […]

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